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 Join Chispas

General Body

​Chispas does not require dues or a membership application to get involved as a General Body Member! To be an active member, we will track your attendance at Chispas events once you join our general body groupchat. Below is a list of the minimum requirements to be considered an active member. Email or contact us through social media to be added to the chat. 

  • Attend at least one General Body Meeting per semester

  • Volunteer at one community service opportunity

  • Attend at least one other Chispas or partner organization event 

Executive Board
& Cabinet Member

E-board and cabinet members' responsibilities vary depending on their positions. Some general expectations for every officer include:

  • Attend weekly e-board meetings

  • Attend yearly Chispas retreat 

  • Attend at least two General Body Meetings per semester

  • Volunteer at two community service opportunities

  • Participate in the planning and execution of Chispas events 

To apply for an executive board position, you must be an active general body member. Anyone can apply for a cabinet member position.

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